Memorial Complex Cer | competition entry

|| Memorial Complex Cer | project year 2018
site | Cer Mountain, Serbia
project | Competition entry
description | Anonymous urbanistic and architectural competition for the preliminary design of the memorial complex on the mountain Cer
team | Ivana Lovrinčević, Hristina Stojanović, Nikola Milanović, in collaboration with So&So Studio from Berlin
3d modeling collaborator | Dimitrije Lovrinčević
building area | 4.300,00 m2 gross
site area | 20.000,00 m2

The “Memorial Complex Cer” includes program elements such as a museum, an educational center, a documentation center, a hotel, a memorial monument with a viewpoint and its public area. The complex is located along the access road and represents another extension of the linear structure of the intervention. Through the study of field topography and mapping of spatial features of the site, the notion of the wall was established as a response to the need for a unified linear element that incorporates the symbols of the memory, grief, victory, education, and healing. The vertical element is an extension of the wall, a discreet sculptural symbol that is recognizable when looked from the far but also opens up different dimensions for interpretation when looked up close.